Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sup Br0s first post

Ok so I decided to make this blog to start talking about stuff, and the first "stuff" I want to cry to my mother about is people on facebook who join anywhere from 10-50 fan pages a day which utterly spams you news feed wall thing and is just utterly obnoxious to see. To be completely honest I don't give two flying kangaroos it some became a fan of "Michael Phelps is a Man Lady" or "Tigers are cute Rawrrrr :3333". In most cases the people who do end up joining those fan pages are in one of three categories; 1: Those extremely annoying people who add everyone and everything on facebook so that by the end of the day they have about 1000+ friends 2: A bunch of bot accounts with fake information that post things like "wonderfully delightful" or "hahahaha" making a group that about 30 people like end up having a total pool of about 300 "people, scaling in size of course and the third type of people who join these like pages are those emo anti-social people that somehow mustered up the courage to add you as a friend because they saw you in real life once who's life purpose on the internet is to find every "lulz" imaginable and let everyone know they think it was funny in addition to only having about 45 friends on facebook. Well this ends my first rant about things I find unpleasant in life and don't get me wrong I do enjoy things in life too its just ranting is a much easier trade to pick up... but until next post this is all for now.


  1. Bunch of stuck up hoes on facebook imo

  2. people just don't realize i don't want any game invites

  3. I hate the facebook... in fact I have a link in my last post to a story about congress demanding some answers